• Focused Prior Art Searches
  • Unique Support to Develop New Ideas
  • Writing and Filing Patents
  • Consulting by Chartered Engineers and Chartered IT Professionals
  • Team Recognised with Tech Innovation Awards

Disruptive technology evaluation

Orsatech can provide advice on market-readiness and has market expertise in product development, feasibility and market studies through to cloud prototyping of software and hardware design and acceptance testing and documentation. The Orsatech team holds patents spanning mobile, social media, information technology, real time voice and data networks and system architectures. We can ensure that your business has sustained competitive advantage through technology innovation.

Securing Patents

A major hurdle faced by every entrepreneur and technology business during early stages is to decide on whether to protect the ideas behind the business using patents, trademarks and copyright. In the early stages of a business, a patent application can become the most valuable assets of the company and will provide both protection from competitors to duplicate the idea and will provide assurances to investors looking to invest into the business. Orsatech has experience of searching prior art, applying for protection through UK, US, EU and PCT states, selling and securing technology and software patent applications world wide.